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The Relationship between Travel, Individuals, and Society, and Airbnb

Individuals, in all aspects, remain open to development with a future vision focused on gain. Thus, throughout their lives, they engage in actions within various challenges while striving to channel their actions in a positive direction. Consequently, whether individuals are aware of it or not, they naturally begin to socialize. The individual's uniqueness provides an abstract point of contact with social formation, and their socialization will, in turn, become a concrete supporting force for their individuality. Moreover, from the moment a person takes action, one of the realities naturally accepted in life is the phenomenon of travel. In today's world, travel has become an easier and faster phenomenon. The advancement of technology, progress in transportation, and the proliferation of travel platforms such as Airbnb have rapidly integrated us into the act of traveling. In this piece, we will evaluate the contribution of the Airbnb platform to the positive realization of the relationship between individuals and society.

Contributions of Airbnb to Travel

Airbnb was initially established with the purpose of earning income due to the high rental prices in their respective locations. Their primary goal was to provide more economical and affordable places compared to high rental and hotel prices. However, it was later realized that the market size that Airbnb needed to reach was indeed quite challenging. The driving force here was the idea that all parameters should have a positive impact on the journey. Airbnb continued to update itself with the mission of socialization achieving a happy outcome. For instance, Airbnb has made a significant positive contribution to interaction (the freedom to evaluate property owners and their properties) and the culture of criticism and communication that supports the social culture. This is because every property owner knows that their evaluations will be visible to everyone, prompting them to act more ethically.

• Fast accommodation and quick communication with property owners.

• Contribution to professionalism through the permission granted to corporate intermediaries and teams.

In the face of social crises, Airbnb has also emphasized the importance of socialization and achieved successful performance with the help of other independent aid organizations. For example, it assisted at least a hundred thousand people who had to escape from the Ukraine war by arranging accommodations with property owners. Airbnb's platform with property accounts has also indirectly opened a door to socialization on multiple occasions.

Possible Societal Expectations from Airbnb for the Future

The future is an area of uncertainty, and as humans navigate through this uncertainty, every detail of their journeys will require close scrutiny. As a critical element of society, humans find themselves within the complex structure of the future, holding the responsibility of either creating civilization or advancing the civilization that has been established. In this process, society will naturally create a necessary educational space for individuals, closely related to the point in item 4 below. This educational space is instrumental in fostering movement, action, and travel, ultimately bringing clarity to existential uncertainties through interaction and journeys.

As entities, individuals perform their journeys under various headings such as holidays, education, and excursions, while corporate entities execute their travels under the diplomacy category. This juxtaposition will lead to increased transparency and a more professional approach to travel in the knowledge-based society, making journeys more comfortable.

To address humanitarian crises, many independent organizations and platforms exert effort. Today, one pressing issue that will persist as a major crisis in the future is the problem of Clean Energy. Airbnb should consider this as a topic that requires attention. We have initiated communication with them to explore their approach to this issue.

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