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Factors that will improve your Airbnb account positioning.

Airbnb operates on a system built upon excellence as a platform. If today's support tools do not provide solutions for tomorrow's tasks and challenges, Airbnb innovates by renewing and improving itself to address these situations most effectively. For example, it offers monthly meetings on sustainable hosting through its Host Advisory Board. A sustainable community is considered one of the essential precursors to positive change.

So, if you aspire to be a great host and want to be a part of beneficial changes and transformations, the first thing you should follow is the self-innovative approach that the platform has. These innovations should encompass all aspects, from pricing policies to quality control processes, cleaning procedures, and keyless entry systems. This way, you will be better equipped to handle various situations and have the opportunity to examine emerging phenomena at the center.

Therefore, if you aim to be an exceptional host, be sure to embrace Airbnb's self-innovation approach and follow the changes they implement, which encompass various aspects of hosting, including pricing policies, quality control processes, cleaning procedures, and keyless entry systems. This will allow you to better address all circumstances and have the chance to thoroughly examine emerging phenomena.

Design and Inspiration

Another step towards making your property or properties more appealing to customers as a host is your pricing policies. As a property owner, when you click on your property in your Airbnb account's calendar section, you'll find the pricing and availability section on the right side of the page. Here, you can assess and set the pricing for your property in the way you prefer. In the pricing section, you can apply the minimum and maximum nightly rates for your property as you wish, but an important point to note is that you should conduct a thorough comparative analysis of prices for similar properties in your location. Otherwise, your demand may not reach the desired level.

The second important option here is the smart pricing feature, which can be valuable for you. Now, let's add the final tip in the pricing section. You can make your property more attractive by offering discounts for weekly and monthly rentals. In the availability section, you can specify the travel durations for your property. For instance, you can apply options such as a minimum of 1 day and a maximum of 365 days.

Design inspiration is another key tip. Having designs that can turn your property into a more elegant, cozy, and entertaining space for guests. Infusing designs into your property that resonate with the desires of the guests. For properties with historical significance, historical elements in the design can be highlighted, and if your property has an interesting history, be sure to mention it in your listing. You can also consider seeking professional help to execute your design ideas. Expert design advice can not only help you avoid potential mistakes but can also transform those possible errors into positive learning experiences.

Another notable tip is the idea of inviting guests for a traditional breakfast or dinner if you have the whole property listed for rent. It's best to arrange this with guests after communication, as they may have their own plans or preferences. If your listing is for a private room or a shared space, offering breakfast or dinner in common areas can foster a culture of camaraderie and positive dialogue among guests.

One of the important tips that can contribute to becoming a perfect host is setting up special discount packages with local businesses for your property. By partnering with historic restaurants or similar establishments in the area, you can offer small discounts on orders delivered to your property. After placing these business cards where guests can see them, you can also add this information briefly to your listing. This can yield positive results for reservations and stays.

Ensure that you provide assurance and preparedness for potential natural disasters in your area. For instance, if your property is located in an earthquake-prone region, you should have conducted earthquake-resistant tests and preparedness processes professionally. You can present this information to your guests in the form of catalogs. By adding these details to your Airbnb account, you can receive more favorable reviews from guests. This presentation and information can give you an advantage because guests feel safe when they see that the responsibilities of a host are being met. Analyzing the location of your property and preparing for all possible scenarios will hopefully make you a super host.

While there is a three-way responsibility on the Airbnb platform, the host's responsibility is generally less than that of the other parties involved. Therefore, a good plan, a starting point, and a sense of responsibility will add value to your property.

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