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Our Heritage

Needs Lead the Way

  "Flatix and its property management footprint traces back to 2003. Even tough Flatix brand has appeared much later, Samfa as sister company with a distinctive focus on real estate trading have sow the first seeds of property management business for limited clients. Our initial foray into the real estate sector revolved around addressing the needs of prospective homebuyers. This customer-centric approach paved the way for our entry, serving a limited number of clients as we began our venture."

Opportunity Rises

  "As the clientele grew steadily, it became evident that our endeavors had transformed from a mere service to an essential requirement. Recognizing this shift in demand, we took a pivotal step forward. This led us to spin off from Samfa, giving rise to a new entity known as Flatix in 2017. This strategic evolution marked our commitment to meet the rising demands and cater to a broader spectrum of clientele."

No Professionalism No Scalability

  "By recognizing that delivering measurable and adaptable services depends on professionalism, we curated a proficient team. This team, equipped with a deep grasp of the real estate domain, enables us to not only meet clients' needs effectively but also scale our offerings. Revisiting the essentials of being an independent and self-sufficient business has become top priority in 2021."

Restructured Mature Enterprise

  "Our journey has just culminated in a remarkable evolution, as we embraced innovation and, accordingly, transformed our mere service provider role into a digital solutions provider in 2023. With a profound commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends, we ventured into uncharted territories. Through this process, Flatix emerged as an independent company, offering comprehensive digital solutions. This evolution empowered us to provide clients with streamlined and efficient services that leverage cutting-edge technology and top-level service standards."

Numbers With Flatix

300+ Units
Under Managament
Rental Turnover Rate
11.9B ₺
In Asset Value
Outstanding Dept Rate
8 Years
Of Experiencae
100+ Clients
In 30 Diferent Countries


  To redefine property management by integrating state-of-the-art technology, prioritizing care services, and optimizing short-term leasing management for property owners, ensuring peace of mind and delightful experiences for all stakeholders through such encompassing industry


Our mission is to combine cutting-edge technology with exceptional care services to elevate short-term leasing management. We are dedicated to simplifying property operations, ensuring the safety and comfort of guests, and supporting property owners in maximizing the potential of their assets. Through innovation and a customer-centric approach, we aim to establish a new standard of excellence in property management



Embracing innovation as a core value, we foster a culture of continuous improvement, creative thinking, and adaptability, driving us to constantly evolve and find groundbreaking solutions to meet the evolving needs of our stakeholders.

Customer centricity

At our core, we embody customer centricity, placing our customers at the heart of every decision and action, ensuring their satisfaction, success, and happiness guide our endeavors.


Competency is the bedrock of our property management business, representing our commitment to excellence, professional development, and industry expertise, empowering us to deliver exceptional service and effective solutions to property owners and residents alike.


Accountability is a foundational principle in our property management business, where we hold ourselves responsible for our actions, decisions, and outcomes, ensuring transparency, reliability, and trust in all our dealings with property owners and tenants.


Integrity and trustworthiness are fundamental in our property management business; we prioritize open communication, ethical practices earning the trust of property owners, tenants, guests and suppliers through every interaction and decision.