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Landlord Rights Under the Law in Turkey

As a landlord, you have certain rights over the property you rent out. Laws generally aim to protect landlords' properties and provide legal assurance. However, when parties are unaware of their own rights, they can be vulnerable to misuse.
In this article, we will outline the rights that landlords have from their perspective, shedding light on what they are entitled to.

Right to Choose Tenants

Landlords have the right to select their tenants. During the tenant selection process, fairness and compliance with the law are essential. However, laws prohibit discrimination, thereby introducing certain protections. Factors that may lead to discrimination, such as race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, should not be considered during tenant selection.

In simpler terms, if you say, "I will only rent my property to people from a specific region," you may run into legal trouble, as this would be considered a discriminatory practice. However, you do have the right to reject a tenant for valid reasons, as long as they are not based on discriminatory factors. Therefore, we recommend establishing proper communication with potential applicants to ensure a lawful and fair tenant selection process.

Rent and Rent Increases

Landlords have the right to determine the rent amount. However, it is important for the rent to be reasonable and in line with market conditions. Laws may limit excessive rent increases and may require rent increases to be limited to a specific period or rate.

It's worth noting that these limits on rent increases may not always be tied directly to inflation or other economic factors. For landlords entering into long-term leases, it's important to be aware of these legal restrictions on rent increases. Failure to comply with rent control laws can lead to legal issues and potential penalties

Deposit and Security

Landlords can generally request a deposit or security from the tenant. This deposit provides a guarantee to cover any damages that may arise from the tenant's failure to comply with the terms of the lease or to address the tenant's debts. Laws may impose certain restrictions on the amount, repayment period, and use of the deposit.

Maintenance and Repairs of the Property

Landlords are responsible for the regular maintenance and repairs of the rented property. Laws may impose certain obligations on landlords to ensure that the property is safe and habitable. However, tenants also have the responsibility to use and maintain the property properly.

In simpler terms, as a landlord, you have a legal obligation to provide your tenants with a living space that meets certain safety and habitability standards.

Contract and Notice Periods

Landlords can enter into a lease agreement for a specific period or stipulate a specific notice period. These contract and notice periods regulate the relationship between the parties. Laws may establish certain standards and time frames to protect the rights of the parties.

In recent times, due to the impact of high inflation, additional precautions are being taken, and some lease agreements are executed through notarization. This practice aims to provide landlords with an added layer of protection against tenants who may misuse the law. Landlords can use eviction commitment agreements to secure themselves from tenants who might attempt to take advantage of legal provisions.

Control over the Property

Landlords have control over the rented property. However, this control may be limited, and it should not violate the tenant's right to privacy. Landlords may have the right to enter the property under certain circumstances, but generally, reasonable advance notice is required.

Landlords have specific rights under the law. However, these rights are often balanced by regulatory measures that also protect the rights of tenants. It is important to act in accordance with the law and respect the rights of tenants during the rental process and the landlord-tenant relationship. Having complete knowledge of legal matters and seeking assistance from a legal expert when necessary is always advisable.

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