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Factors to Know Before Renting a House in a New City

Renting a house in a new city can be an exciting way to embark on a new chapter in your life. However, before taking this new step, it's important to prepare yourself thoroughly and not overlook essential details. In this article, we will explain the key factors to consider before renting a house in a new city.

Making a Proper Budget Plan

Determining your budget is one of the fundamental steps to take before starting to rent a house in a new city. Setting up an accurate budget not only protects you from financial issues but also makes the house hunting process more efficient. Supporting this, an argument is presented: According to a survey by the American Consumer Credit Counseling, 74% of participants who planned their budgets properly stated that they achieved more success in reaching their financial goals. (Source: American Consumer Credit Counseling, "Budgeting and Saving Habits Survey")

Choosing a Region Suitable for Your Lifestyle

Different neighborhoods in every city can reflect various lifestyles. The neighborhood where you'll be renting a house is crucial in terms of factors like safety, transportation options, shopping facilities, and social activities.


According to a survey result, 70% of participants mentioned that they were not happy when concerned about the safety of their neighborhood. (Source: Apartment List, "National Renters Survey")

These factors can help you assess the safety of a neighborhood when making a decision:
  • Crime Statistics
  • Police Presence
  • Fire and Emergency Access
  • Traffic Safety
  • Natural Disasters

Transportation Facilities

According to a report from the National Association of Realtors, ease of transportation is one of the most sought-after features. 61% of respondents in the survey stated that transportation options influenced their decision on renting a house. (Source: National Association of Realtors, "Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers")

Shopping and Service Facilities

A research study indicates that proximity to shopping centers and markets in the neighborhood was considered an important factor by 82% of renters when choosing a home. (Source: RENTCafe, "What Renters Want")

Social Activities

According to a study by City Observatory, the diversity of social activities affects the happiness of neighborhood residents. Those living in neighborhoods offering more social events and cultural venues tend to be more satisfied. (Source: City Observatory, "The Long-Term Effects of Neighborhood Change on Incumbent Families")

These data and research support how critical the choice of neighborhood where you'll rent a house is in terms of safety, transportation options, shopping facilities, and social activities. Each neighborhood offers a unique atmosphere that influences your lifestyle, which is why neighborhood selection should be carefully evaluated.

Thoroughly Reviewing the House Rental Agreement

Carefully reviewing the house rental agreement is vital to eliminate potential future issues. Examples of things that need to be reviewed include the rental period, deposit amount, responsibilities of both the landlord and tenant, all of which help avoid unpleasant surprises. A solid agreement can enhance reliability in the long run.

Inspecting the Condition of the House

Examining the physical condition of the house you're considering renting allows you to identify potential issues in advance. Carefully assessing the interior and exterior structure of the house helps you determine possible repairs or maintenance needs ahead of time. Checking the condition of the house minimizes potential issues you might encounter later on.

The Importance of Communication with the Landlord

Establishing effective communication with the landlord is a cornerstone of your house rental experience. Through clear communication, you can understand the landlord's expectations and communicate your needs. For instance, if a tenant requests permission to have a pet in the house and the landlord agrees, it sets a good example of a tenant-landlord relationship. Additionally, by offering swift and effective solutions when issues arise, you can build a trustworthy relationship. Here's an example scenario:

 - Tenant Ahmet noticed a water leak in the bathroom one evening when he returned home. Realizing that the leak was growing and affecting certain areas of the house, Ahmet immediately sent an email to the landlord. In the email, he explained the problem he was facing and the urgent need for a solution.
 - The landlord promptly noticed and responded to Ahmet's email. The landlord assured Ahmet that a plumber would be sent to assess the situation and make the necessary repairs as soon as possible. Additionally, the landlord advised Ahmet to take some temporary measures to minimize potential additional damage due to the water leak.
 -The next morning, the landlord sent a plumber who identified the cause of the leak. The plumber indicated that the issue could be resolved within a few hours. The landlord informed Ahmet about the plumber's arrival time and the expected duration of the repair.
 -The plumber fixed the problem and provided Ahmet with a detailed report and photos of the situation. Ahmet was satisfied that the landlord promptly resolved the issue with effective solutions.

 This example illustrates the importance of clarity in landlord-tenant communication, quick responsiveness, and providing effective solutions.

Adapting to Life in the New City

Transitioning to life in a new city requires not only physical but also emotional adjustment. The adaptation process is important for making you feel at home in your new location. Making new friends, exploring the opportunities around you, and being open to new experiences can make the adaptation process smoother. As evidence, an article published in the Harvard Business Review indicates that engaging with the environment in a new place speeds up the adaptation process and enhances overall life satisfaction. (Source: Harvard Business Review, "The Science of Successful Living")

The factors you need to consider before renting a house in a new city can significantly impact your future experience. Setting an accurate budget, conducting research on the city and neighborhoods, reviewing the house rental agreement, inspecting the house's condition and maintenance, communicating with the landlord, and managing the adaptation process can lead to a successful and positive house rental experience. These pieces of information, supported by arguments for each factor, will guide you in making a more solid and reliable step forward.

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