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360 Degree

Property Management
in Turkey

Experience Hassle-Free Management &

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Values We Crafted

Flatix’s customer-centric approach has shaped our value-driven business model and its unique value set.
Seamless Financial Visibility

Seamless Financial Visibility

• Instant reporting through your properties
• Return-oriented asset management

Smart Infrastructure

Smart Infrastructure

• Application-based property management
• Real-time asset tracking dashboard

Personalized Support

Personalized Support

• 7/24 live support for property owners
• Preemptive property monitoring

Solid Service Expertise

Solid Service Expertise

• Qualified and trustworthy solution partners
• Professional rental management

Smart Features

Easy and Remote Control of Your Properties

FLATIX Mobile App provides you with a detailed financial statement documenting any occurred transaction concerning your assets with all transparency

Talk to Our Experts

Osman Hulusi TAKCI

Osman Hulusi TAKCI

Free Consultation


Free Consultation


Free Consultation

Stories from Other Side

Going Beyond 25% Rental Cap

Sophia from Italy saw her rental income plummeted by years and came to Flatix for a solution. We kept her property occupied with high-quality tenants through secure contract management and competitive pricing. Despite of legal regulation posing 25% yearly increase cap at most, Flatix has succeeded yearly 90% rental increase to keep rental return at acceptable level. Sophia appreciated our commitment to maximizing her rental returns and minimizing vacancies for her asset.

Our Services

Property Management

Registry, Payment and Follow-up
● Online Tracking
● Tax/Bill/Maintenance Fee Payments
● Rental Management
● Tax and Property Declaration
● Subscription Applications
● Financial Reporting
● Personal Assistance


Reporting Services
● Market Research Reports
● Certified Valuation Reports
● Opinion Reports

● Renovation
● Decoration/Redecoration
● Furnishing/Refurnishing

● Regular Inspections
● Cleaning Services
● Repairment
● Maintenance


● Company Establishment and Registry
● Legal Consultancy
● Tax Consultancy
● Accounting Services

How thıngs works

Step-by-Step Peace of Mind with Flatix

Choose a Package

Choose the Package Suiting the Needs about Your Property

Handover Property Info

Provide Details about Your Property to Flatix Representative

Sign Contract

Sign Power of Attorney and Flatix Service Contract for Your Package

Sign up Flatix App

Get Application Credentials and Experience Hassle-Free Management

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Yes, you have the right to terminate your membership at any time. The contract can be terminated at any stage by mutual agreement.

Yes, you can rent out your property in Turkey, whether it's a residential apartment, villa, or commercial space. You should consider some key points like legal requirements, tax obligations, rental agreements when renting out your property. If you're not residing in Turkey, consider working with rental management companies to handle all of these for you. 

Firstly, locate the tax office responsible for your property's region or municipality. Secondly, obtain a tax identification number. Then calculate your tax liability. You can pay property taxes in person at the local tax office or through their online portal if available. Ensure you pay by the deadlines to avoid penalties. Retain copies of your payment receipts or confirmation for future reference. If all this seems complicated for you, contact Flatix to do all your tax work on your behalf.

Yes, property management expertise can help you make money from your property in Istanbul by streamlining operations, attracting quality tenants, and ensuring compliance with local laws.

Managing your real estate or property in Turkey remotely is entirely feasible with the right company, technology and trusted professionals. Consider engaging Flatix professionals to ensure a smooth and legally compliant operation for your assets.


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