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Designed for professional long-term rental management


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During the term of your lease agreement, your tenant has legal rights. However, our expert team conducts thorough inspections to determine whether various mutual obligations stated in the lease agreements are being fully met. If we identify a breach, we directly handle the process with your tenant and take actions according to your preferences.

For tenants interested in your property, we initially request a guarantor. We also ask for credit reports for both the tenant and the guarantor. Tenant candidates with a Findex credit score below 1400 cannot be considered and are not accepted into our system. All customers sign lease agreements for a maximum of two years. For 2- or 1-year lease agreements, a notarized commitment to valuation is signed. In case of any disputes with the tenant, eviction is directly processed through execution courts to expedite the legal process, avoiding prolonged court procedures. This is a significant action that thwarts any attempts by property owners to exploit their income, particularly in line with laws in Turkey.

Flatix is responsible for end-to-end communication with the tenant, rent collection, proactive measures in relevant legal proceedings, and keeping property owners informed throughout the entire process. However, if a decision is made to initiate any legal process, Flatix requests legal services from our professional legal team at a cost below market rates and the associated expenses of the legal process from the property owner. During this process, all steps are presented to the customer for approval. Once the customer's approval is received, actions are taken. If the proposed measures are not accepted by the customer, the process is continued under the guidance of alternative lawyers according to the service package.

The deposit amount set for the house remains registered in our system as your tenant's money for the duration of their stay in your property. This money is held neutrally by Flatix, and in the scenario of your tenant vacating, it is never returned to them without thorough checks and inspections of your property.

In the general inventory of the house, if there is no misuse involved, the legal responsibility for addressing possible breakdowns and issues lies with the homeowner. When the tenant reports a relevant issue to us, we direct our expert team to conduct the necessary inspections. In the realm of repairs, we obtain alternative quotes from specialized teams in our field, present them for your approval, and upon your confirmation, we complete the repair process by deducting the necessary funds from your existing account balance.

The value of your property is determined through a comprehensive analysis that takes into account various factors such as location, size, amenities, market trends, and comparable properties in the area. Our marketing strategy involves a multi-faceted approach. We highlight the unique features of your property through professional photography and descriptions, ensuring maximum visibility on various online platforms. Additionally, we leverage our network of potential tenants and employ targeted advertising campaigns to attract the right audience. Our goal is to optimize your property's exposure, ensuring a competitive rental rate and efficient occupancy.