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Remote Follow-up Package

Designed for the remote follow-up and payment services of properties


350 USD

Package Services

Online Account

Monthly Account Statement

Tax/Bill/Maintenance Fee Payments

Tax and Property Declaration

Mailbox Check

Paid Services

Subscription Applications (Water, Electricity, Gas, Internet etc.)

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Our registry services ensure that all legal documents related to your property, such as contracts, deeds, and permits, are meticulously managed. You can access these documents through our online platform, giving you a centralized hub for easy retrieval and reference.

Our follow-up services entail regular communication to keep you updated on property matters. This includes reminders for essential payments like bills, taxes, and dues. We ensure that you stay informed and organized, without the need for direct involvement.

Payment services cover a wide range of financial responsibilities, including bill payments, association dues, and annual taxes. We streamline the process by handling these payments on your behalf. You receive periodic updates, ensuring that you remain informed about your property's financial obligations.

Our online tracking services offer a user-friendly platform where you can monitor your property's status, financials, and important documents. You'll have real-time access to income and expense summaries, enabling you to stay informed and proactive in property management.